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The go-to resource to support your family naturally

The Nature Code Kids program was designed to support and guide you in learning how to help your child develop a strong and healthy immune system. With 5 modules designed to take you from a foundational understanding of health and illness all the way through building and using a Natural First Aid Kit, you'll leave feeling well equipped to support your child when they need it most. From nutrition to homeopathic and herbal medicine, the course focuses on building your confidence as you face family health challenges. Ultimately, increased health awareness improves health outcomes and supports your relationship with your primary care physician and health team.

The NCK program strives to leave you feeling more calm and confident as a parent knowing you'll be able to support your child's health both now and down the road. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Health Map

    • Module 1 Intro
    • Health and the Immune System
    • Immune System Inheritance
    • Pregnancy
    • Birth
    • Baby's First Year
    • 1-7 and Beyond
    • Fantastic Flora
    • Bad Bugs
    • Toxicity
    • Toxicity and Dysbiosis
    • Cycle of Disease and Healing
  • 2

    Acute Illness Map

    • Module 2 Intro
    • Acute Illness
    • Symptoms
    • Fever
    • When the Fever Breaks
    • Fever Concerns and Acute Illness Warning Signs
    • Fever Suppression and Overmedication
    • Natural Fever Management
  • 3

    The Natural Medicine Kit

    • Module 3 Intro
    • Intro to Homeopathy
    • Intro to Homeopathy Part 2
    • The Core 6 Homeopathics
    • Advanced Homeopathic Options in Acute Care
    • Intro to Herbalism
    • Healing Herbs and Nutrients
    • Powerful Probiotics
    • Echinasyr and Drosera Plex Cough Syrup
    • Berberis Formula
    • NAC and Andrographis
    • First Aid Kit
  • 4

    Natural Medicine Case Studies

    • Module 4 Intro
    • Specific Case Examples
    • Homeopathic Dosing - Part 1
    • Homeopathic Dosing - Part 2
    • The Core Homeopathic Combinations
    • Simple Cases
    • Complex Cases
    • Strep Throat
    • Respiratory System
    • Urinary , Lymphatic, and Skin
    • Febrile Seizure
    • Nutritional Approaches for Diarrhea
    • First Aid Cases
    • Cold Sores
  • 5

    Beyond Medicine

    • Module 5 Intro
    • Beyond Nutrition
    • Food Sensitivities
    • Food Introduction
    • Home Remedies and Nature's Cure
    • Clean Living
    • Stress and Parenting
    • Nature Code Kids
  • 6

    Resources and References

    • Resources and References

Your Instructor

Keith Condliffe

Keith Condliffe

Naturopathic Doctor

I tell our boys, who are 4 and 6, that I’m learning to communicate with plants. Sharing my love of nature is my purpose. Witnessing others rediscover the faith to feel and heal gives meaning to my life. My own childhood included long periods of feeling unwell. That time, and the illnesses which followed, stirred in me a desire to learn a new way, which turned out to follow the old ways. I give thanks to great mentors, my client families, and our own children, who all continue to teach me the practical powers of natural medicine for acute illness. They helped create this course through its many years of iterations, so that I may offer you a distilled version of my experience and understanding on the topic. Knowledge always evolves, and I hope this course inspires in you a desire to deepen your experience with natural medicine, and to keep learning new (and old) strategies in supporting your family’s health.

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